Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday activites and thoughts

JUNE 11, 2008
Pretty soon will be posting the programs of my 3 CDs and how you can obtain them - hopefully you will also be able to get a taste of each song on them. Also some pix. Interesting front page article in Atlantic Magazine this month: Is Google Making Us Stoopid? - as if we didn't have enough to worry about. Planning the Baccalaureate for Kingston High School for this month being held at Pointe of Praise on Hurley Avenue. We have a Sufi Minister, a Baptist Rev., a couple of Evangelist preachers, Bruderhoffers, CantorBob (that's me) - I hope you will join us - it is on Monday, June 23rd at 7:00pm - free, all are welcome. This is a time for senior young folks to stand up and feel good about their religious traditions, training, learning - a continuing journey as they go on into college and other strange places! I am listening to a cassette tape I made when I came out of prison and started living in Kingston. One of the songs I wrote in prison was: I'm reading the Answer Book to Life (the Bible). Some of those songs I havent sung for years. I kind of like them as I hear them again. They are now burned to a CD - and so will be available. I call them "faithsongs". Ah here is another one: "We Heal the Strongest in the Broken Places" a quote from Coretta King that made (makes) a lot of sense to me. Actually I had the great lead guitarist, Danny Kalb (formerly of the.... senior moment here) playing on it. All the songs were my creations except for the last, Rev. Gary Davis' great song: "Soon My Work Will All Be Done". I recently came across a CD of Davis' songs recorded in the early 1960s - what a great guitarist and singer he was. We used to sit with him in the basement of Gerde's Folk City in Greenwich Village - he would only sing religious songs when his wife was around, but when she wasn't he would sing blues. His guitar really spoke and sang along with him. One song that isn't on his CD is one we used to sing with him: "O Glory How Happy I Am" full of spirit.

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